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Bohm's Bee-eater bird photographed in the Lower Shire Valley in the Thangadzi River Conservancy


We aim to conserve the unique ecosystem and create a symbiosis between the fauna, flora, agriculture, and local community in the Shire Valley, an area that is challenged by burgeoning population pressure and severe poverty.

Why come to Malawi?

If what you seek is an unseen side of Africa and the privilege of giving back to an awe-inspiring country facing tremendous economic hardship, with friendly locals that simply can’t wipe the hope and smiles off their faces, then this is the place for you.

Some young Malawian boys playing in the Elephant Marsh in the Lower Shire Valley

Our Projetcs

We have various ongoing projects to suit an array of different interests.

  • Environmental Conservation

  • Community & Sustainability

  • Wildlife Management

  • Spectacular Birding ​Opportunities

A Malawian dugout on the Elephant Marsh at sunset, dugouts are used by the locals for fishing


Join the challenge, and let’s conserve a truly biodynamic ecosystem!

Our Story

How a farming enterprise drives to create sustainability through commercial agriculture supporting its surrounding communities to improve their welfare with infrastructural improvements in their villages while conserving this unique biological ecosystem.

Important To Know

We are in a malaria area so there are some important things to be aware of.

The visa requirements are different for many countries, so we’ve provided some platforms to find out.

 An Open-billed Stork flying through the Elephant Marsh at sunset with a fish in it's bill
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